Buyback Service

More and more consumers are eager to sell old/ used iPhones, iPads, Macs, iPods, cell phones, tablets for pennies to acquire newly released gadgets. And device buyback service powered by scripts similar to ours can help to start buy back programs: purchase games, cd’s, dvd’s, watches, Kindles, audios, digital cameras, MP3 players, in fact lots of products, not just electronics. More and more e-commerce businesses buy used cell phones and similar items.,, make fortunes with this business model.

Rental Marketplace Script

Unique solution that allows to build a website where people can share or borrow various things either free or paid. People can register for free and post items that they want to share and specify their own price.
Visitors can browse the catalog, select an item they want to rent, check availability, pay for it online and contact owner to get it.