Personal Stylists Ecommerce Solution
P2P E-commerce, Angular.js, Ruby on Rails is a personal style service that envolves with customer’s taste, needs and lifestyle. It was started to solve a simple problem: shopping for clothes in stores can be overwhelming and inconvenient. With Suitableyou, you can discover great clothes that are perfect for you without ever having to go shopping. Suitableyou combines top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a highly personalized experience that helps you look your best.

To start, a user simply provides style, size and price preferences with their personal stylist by completing a simple quiz. They are then able to order a box of clothes with no advance payment and have it delivered to their door. All clothes are hand-selected by stylists to ensure optimal fit. The user keeps only what they like and the rest are returned.

Suitable you was launched with great customer experience in mind to compete with Stich Fix, SoYou and Trunk Club sites.